Prevention & Restorative Care
Do you feel anxiety when you think of going to the dentist?  Let our office provide you with the newest options in patient sedation.  Lie back, feel relaxed, and be comfortable while you receive your dental care.

New Patient Exam
Dr. Bartels works with the patient to complete an oral exam, digital x-rays, periodontal charting, and oral cancer screening.  This comprehensive information is gathered to provide patients with the best treatment choices.
Child Exam & Cleanings
Children will be excited to visit the dentist when they see our dedicated kids treatment room.  Exploring the "Jungle" is a fun and memorable experience for kids of all ages; putting them at ease and allowing us to provide the best dental care.  Each room has a TV with on-demand children's programming.  We encourage visits from all children starting six months after their first tooth.
Adult Cleanings
Our office provides standard cleanings as well as deep cleanings.  We use the latest in ultrasonic plaque removal technology to remove what even faithful flossing can't reach.  Our focus is on prevention to help your smile last a lifetime.
Sports Guards/ Night Guards
Let us provide your teeth with the protection they need.  Sport guards are a must-have for every athlete.  Night guards provide protection for those who grind their teeth, relieving jaw pain and preventing tooth damage.
Restorative Dentistry
We provide all your restorative dental needs.  These include:
Implants are now seen as the gold standard for replacing missing teeth or holding dentures and partials in place.  With an average lifespan of 40 years and a success rate of 97%, implants are the best choice for treatment.
A fixed bridge is a great permanent option to replace one or more missing teeth.  It uses a false tooth to fill the empty space while the neighboring teeth provide support.
    Crowns (Caps)
When a tooth is damaged or weak a crown can be used to restore it.  We work only with the finest labs to provide patients with the best fitting and most natural looking crowns.
    Dentures & Partials
Dentures and partials are a removable option used to replace missing teeth.  Dr. Bartels personally works with the patient to design a beautiful smile.  When combined with implants, these removable options fit in place without any worry of coming out.
    Tooth-Colored Fillings
Our office provides you with the most natural looking smile.  Tooth-colored fillings allow us to prepare smaller areas and match them to your natural tooth color.  We use only the highest grade of tooth-colored filling material.
    Root Canals
Are you having sensitivity to hot and cold, or when chewing?  Let us save your tooth.  Root canals remove the nerve of the tooth and allow you to keep your natural smile.  Dr. Bartels ensures timely treatment to relieve you from pain.
There are circumstances when a tooth must be extracted.  Our office will provide you with the utmost care.  Dr. Bartels is frequently complimented on his quick and painless treatment.



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